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Valuation, Counseling, Brokerage; Machinery & Equipment and Business Appraisal

Ing. Carlos Miranda

Tasador de Bienes Raíces, Maquinaria, Equipo, Negocios, Consultoría y Corretaje

"Credibility, Experience, Knowledge"


Established in 1991...

"As Good As Any and Better Than Most!"

Your best choise in Real Estate Valuation & Counseling, Appraisal Review, Machinery & Equipment and Business Appraisal.

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Eng. Carlos Miranda, Principal & Managing Director, has over 32 years of experience in the real estate appraisal business.  Appraisal assignments include hotels, motels, gas stations / convenience stores, self-storage, warehouses, residential subdivisions,  residential/commercial/industrial land, shopping centers, condominiums, dairy farms, industrial & office buildings, schools and all types of complex real estate properties as well as all types of machinery & equipment, and closely-held business.

What We Offer Islanwide and other Countries / 

Lo que Ofrecemos a Nivel Isla y Fuera de Puerto Rico

Residential Appraisals / 

Tasaciones Residenciales

Commercial Appraisals / 

Tasaciones Comerciales

Mortgage Appraisals / 

Para Hipotecas

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals / 

Tasaciones de Maquinaria y Equipo

Private Appraisals / Tasaciones Para Casos Privados

Business Appraisals / Tasaciones de Negocios

Where - Ever And When - Ever You Need Us, We’re There.

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